In Batch:
  1. Complete the gift entry row.
  2. Tab down to begin a new row.
  3. Highlight the gift that needs to be linked.
  4. Go to Gift > Apply to > Planned Gift.
  5. Select the appropriate planned gift to link gift.
  6. Click Okay.
Note:  The Planned Gift record must already be entered. Refer to How to track (add and realize) planned gifts

Planned Gifts and Realized Revenue gifts must be recorded to the same constituent record.  Payment gifts can only be applied to the same constituent as the original Planned Gift was entered. Being unable to apply realized revenue from one record to another does not let The Raiser's Edge record how one constituent can make a planned gift commitment, but its fulfillment is issued by another constituent/entity record. This may occur when a planned gift commitment is made by a donor, but its fulfillment/disbursement is issued by another party, such as a foundation or financial institution.