Error: Data could not be saved. The exception batch number specified is already in use - when attempting to commit a batch with a number already in use

Batch numbering schemes with the same numbering format can be used in multiple batch templates, resulting in batches that have different templates but the same numbers.  For example, there may be an Enhanced Revenue Batch assigned number 50, and also a Constituent Update Batch with the number 50.  However, if the numbering schemes both have the option selected to "Use the original batch number and append an exception sequence," users may receive the following error message when attempting to commit batches with the same number:

Data could not be saved.  The exception batch number specified is already in use.

This message only occurs if another batch with a similar numbering scheme has already had an exception batch created for it.  When a batch is committed, a possible exception batch number is automatically reserved. 

For example, the exception batch number for Enhanced Revenue Batch 50 could be "50ExceptionBatch."  However, when a user attempts to commit Constituent Update Batch 50, the database will attempt to reserve "50ExceptionBatch" as the exception batch for this template as well.  When the user clicks "Commit,"  the error will appear, because the number is already in use.

If users can create regular data entry batches with the same number, they should be able to create exception batches with the same number as well.

Download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable. 



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