*NOTE* In order for a participant to log into the Participant HQ using the username and password for a Social Network, the participant must have registered for the event using an approved Social Network username and password.

Participants can still use the Social Fundraising option to post to their Social Network and provide a link to their donation page by doing the following.

Go to the event page and log into the Participant HQ with the username and password used to register for the event: 
  1. Click login button normally found in the top right corner of the event page or click the login link in the left navigation menu under the Admin section
  2. Enter the username and password you created when registering and click Continue to sign into your Participant HQ
  3. Choose the Social Fundraising option you want to use by clicking one of the 4 Social Network buttons; Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter or Linked In located in the bottom left of the My HQ tab (you will start on this tab by default)
  4. A window will open
  5. Enter the desired message you want to post to your social networks timeline and click the Share button in the lower left hand corner of the window
  6. A second window will open
  7. Enter the username and password of your chosen Social Network to sign in and  post the message/link