All information below is required by the HMRC:

We send all of the fields from the HMRC Submission Setting that are set up under Config -> HMRC Submission Settings. So that’d be:
·         HMRC Username (and password used during authentication)
·         Authorised Official First Name
·         Authorised Official Surname
·         Authorised Official Postcode / Overseas indicator
·         Authorised Official Phone Number
·         Regulator Name  (e.g. Charity Commission of England and Wales, or even Exempt)
·         Regulator Number, if present (required unless exempt)
We also send over some additional information from the database configuration in Config -> General tab:
·         Organisation Name
·         HMRC Reference Number (i.e. the Charity Reference Number; X52883 from below)
Finally, the actual information related to each donation in the claim is sent:
·         Gift Amount
·         Gift Date
·         Donor First Name
·         Donor Surname
·         Donor House Number (AddressLine1 is pulled from Preferred Address, and alternatively we use the entire International address if it isn’t a UK address)
·         Donor Postcode
In addition, if the “This is a sponsorship claim” box is checked when the R68 report is run to stamp Claim Numbers on Gift records, then every gift in the online submission is marked with a “Yes” for “Sponsorship”

Users currently do not have the ability to assign different information when submitting the claim.