Error: Required field missing: [xxx] - when importing information from everydayhero into Raiser's Edge

When downloading information from everydayhero, also known as EDH, into Raiser's Edge users may receive exceptions due to required fields missing. Common fields referenced in the exception include Constituent Code, Primary Addressee, or Primary Salutation. Required fields are set up in Config > Fields and will vary depending on your organization.
In order to prevent exceptions of this nature, we recommend using default sets to automatically assign values to any fields that are marked as required. Alternatively, you could also temporarily remove a field requirement for the purpose of importing.

To see which fields are marked as required:
  1. Go to Config, Fields
  2. Check each of the fields and note any that have the Required option ticked for the record types Constituent, Gift and Individual Relationship.
  3. Review the Everydayhero Integration Help Guide for information on creating the default sets and populate the fields you have noted with the values that should be used.
  4. Ensure that the default sets are saved with the correct names, as shown in the Help Guide


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