Error: Data Link Properties. Specify the following to connect to this data when using mail merge.

 When merging letters from individual gift records OR merging Donor Acknowledgement Letters in Mail, the following error is received:

Error: Data Link Properties, Specify the following to connect to this data:
1. Enter the data source and/or location of the data:
2. Enter information to log on to the server:
3. Enter the initial catalog to use:

Click Ok to this error and another error opens:

Error: Select Table. Table: EXPORTDATA

Click Ok.

This returns you to the gift record or mail merge parameter and no letter will merge.
 If the user has Microsoft Office 2010 plus Lync 2013, the user must first log in and open Lync before a mail merge can be run successfully in The Raiser's Edge. 

Alternative solution:
  1. Completely uninstall Raiser's Edge
  2. Uninstall Lync
  3. Clean Registry with CCleaner
  4. Repair Microsoft Office
  5. Reboot the workstation
  6. Install Raiser's Edge with latest patch
  7. Test with new mail merge
Blackbaud is unable to address this issue because it is related to third-party software. For assistance, contact the third-party vendor.



 7.92.5508 patch 1

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