To have multiple accounts in play for discounts a segment mapping containing the transaction type you are attempting to discount must exist in account structure.  In addition, account aliases and additional GL accounts will be used, so it is recommended to review the documentation about these topics before you begin.

Determine what types of transactions are configured through segment mapping

Only transaction types (membership, programs/admission, merchandise) that have been mapped to segments can have a unique or specific discounts accounts.  To determine which transactions can be configured this way it's necessary to review the Segment Mapping area in General Ledger Set up
  1. Go to Financials, General Ledger Setup
  2. Select Define Segment Mappings
  3. Scan the Calculated using column for the transaction type that needs to have specific discount accounts
If the transaction type is listed, then accounts need to be build with a special transaction code to make unique accounts for discounts.  If the transaction type is not listed, consider creating a new composite segment and changing the account structure configuration so that there is access the desired transaction type.

Build the Alias accounts that are needed to set up discounts
Discount accounts will be constructed in Altru with a combination of a unique transaction codes and all of the other segment values that are used on standard revenue accounts.

For example if a unique transaction code of "DDDD" is chosen for discounts and you have a revenue account that looks like 01-4500-10 for a particular type of transaction, the discount account in Altru would be constructed like: 01-DDDD-10.  Using this unique, Altru-centric account allows for a specific place for each different type of discount to fall.  Then, those discount accounts should have an alias applied to send the transaction to the desired REAL GL account.  Using the example above, these are the steps in the application:
  1. Go to Financials, General Ledger Setup, Define General Ledger Accounts
  2. Add a new General Ledger account 
  3. In the account number field, use the segments from the revenue account with the unique transaction code of DDDD.  
  4. In the account Alias field put the revenue account used on the source transaction or choose a specific REAL account for discounts to reside for this transaction.
Map discounts to the unique code chosen above
  1. Once accounts are created, go to Financials, General Ledger Setup, Transaction mapping, Ticketing
  2. Edit the mapping for discounts, or add a new one if it doesn't exist.
  3. In the Debit column select the radio button for Account Code and select the code for discounts (DDDD)
  4. In the Credit column select the radio button for Account and choose the A/R account being used for Sales Orders