Generally speaking, a receipt is issued for tax reporting purposes of charitable giving and the donor acknowledgement is a thank you letter.

Producing gift receipts in The Raiser's Edge offers options such as using a pre-defined receipt form/custom export file, generating a unique receipt number, producing e-Receipts and updating receipt status and date from the Mail function.

Producing donor acknowledgements in The Raiser's Edge offers more straightforward letter options and updating acknowledgement status and date from the Mail function.

Most information for one document is available for the other in the Mail functions. For example, letter code is an available field in Receipts and receipt number (if already generated) is available in Donor Acknowledgement Letters.

If desired, one document that serves both a receipting and acknowledging purpose can be utilized. The sole gift receipt/donor acknowledgement letter should be used consistently in this manner if the other is not used. (That is, use only the receipt feature or use only the donor acknowledgement letter for consistent, meaningful data.) Furthermore, the sole document should contain the information that would be contained in separate receipts and donor acknowledgement letters.

Please note that Blackbaud Support cannot offer specific recommendations regarding processes surrounding these fields and functions. Consult with your organization's financial and legal advisers and governmental tax agencies to ensure that your receipting/acknowledging process meets the proper requirements. Additional guidance is available through Blackbaud Professional Services to review your organization's specific processes.