Before you begin make sure that you are processing deposits by Payment date so that reports are easier to compare.  This will ensure that the transaction dates and post dates of any given record will be the same thus allowing for uniformity accross many reports.
  1. Go to Sales or Financials and select Review deposits
  2. On the left-hand task bar select Edit Process
  3. Make sure that you have selected "Payment date" in the drop-down for "Deposit date:"
If you find that something different has been selected for the deposit date, it's advisable to create a query to find deposits which have payments with different dates since this situation will make it difficult to match the Revenue and Deposit reports.

Note: Not all reports contain the same information. For daily cash and revenue reconciliation we strongly recommend the Total Revnue Report and Deposit Report.

Running the Total Revenue and Payments Report for Financial Reconciliation
  1. Go to Revenue or Financials and from the Reports column choose Total Revenue and Payments
  2. To begin, choose a single date from the Date drop-down where you have processed deposits and closed out all drawers
  3. Mark the Check-box to include taxes and Security Deposits
  4. Mark the Check-box to show payment Method distribution
  5. When running the report for a single day, it's reccommeded to Sort by Transaction type, otherwise, the sort should remain at the default of by Date
  6. Click View Report
This report displays revenue details on the top of the report with a grand total at the bottom.  When the Payment method distribtuion is enabled, a section for Payments will also appear. These two views of the report (revenue on top; payments on bottom) will agree in their overall balances.  Now, you can compare the deposit report to the payment summaries to make sure that all of the payments coming from the registers, online sales, and development (back office) user have been properly organized for delievery to the bank.

Running the Deposit Report for Financial Reconciliation
  1. Go to Revenue or Financials and from the Reports column choose Deposits
  2. To begin, choose the same date(s) used on the Total Revenue and Payments report
  3. Mark the Check-box for Summary (Details can be enabled to help track down differences, but makes the report longer)
  4. Click view report
  5. A page will be displayed for each deposit on the date(s) selected
  6. Compare the summary amounts from the deposit report by payment method to the Payment summary on the Total Revenue and Payments report.
  7. Once these agree, you can match this to the General Ledger post file if GL is being used, otherwise, these reports will serve as the source documents for making journal entries.

If the two reports do not agree, there are some common reasons for the details not to match:
  • If the no results display on the deposit, make sure that you have run the deposit process.
  • If there are items missing from the Deposit report, it's possible that a drawer wasn't closed or approved and thus never made it into the deposit process or into the deposit report.
  • The deposit report will show corrections from cash drawers begin closed with an over/short amount.  These cash adjustments will not be displayed on the Total Revenue and Payments report.
  • Make sure that you have not opted to include pledge commitments not received on the revenue report, this will over state that report by the amount of outstanding pledge installments.
  • Some Payment methods such as, Gift certificate, Pre-Altru, or Transfers among others are non-depositable payments and thus will NOT be in the deposit report.  Rules for non-depositable payments are configured in the Tickets area.
  • Make sure that you have not opted to Show revenue that moved from unearned to earned