Export Definition columns are generated out of order

For all non-marketing export definitions (e.g. those created/housed in Administration > Export Definitions), when used to generate a header file, the columns are not in the order specified in the export definition. The export definition's columns then get re-ordered to match that of the header file. The potential impact of this issue is that users have to use the header file when setting up mail merge templates, so the list of fields once the header is merged is out of order, and requires additional time in setup and testing to ensure the correct merge fields have been used in the correct place.

In the example below, the export definition's fields were added in the order they appear in the first screenshot.
User-added image

Header file column order:
User-added image

Column order tab of export definition:
User-added image

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Administration > Export Definitions > Add a Revenue Record Letters Export Definition
2. Add fields from multiple nodes like below.
Acknowledged Revenue\Amount
Acknowledged Revenue\Date
Acknowledged Revenue\Transaction Type
Acknowledged Revenue\Application Details\Application
Acknowledged Revenue\Application Details\Type
Acknowledgee\Lookup ID
Acknowledged Revenue (1)\Constituent\Recognition Credits\Amount
Acknowledged Revenue (1)\Constituent\Recognition Credits\Type

3. Go to set save options and mark the checkboxes, below then save and close.
Allow definition to be used by other areas of the application
Use field names for one to one column headers
Use short column headers

4. Go to Marketing and Communications > Acknowledgements > Generate revenue header file > Select the options below, then click OK
Output type: Export Definition

Export definition: Select the export definition you just created

5. Download the csv file and notice the column headers are wrong for the fields appearing under two or more query node levels

6. Go back to Administration > Export definitions > Edit the export definition > Column order tab > Notice the columns are not in the order they were when they were added to the export definition.


 Blackbaud CRM
 3.0.516, patch 13

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