In order to add a question that will update the "County" address field on a contact record, you will need to follow these directions.
  1. Navigate to the Include Questions step when editing a survey.
    1. If you are not in the editing process of a survey, select the Content > Surveys tab, and search for the desire survey. Click Edit.
  2. Click Add Questions button.
  3. Select Short Text Value (40 characters) as the Question Type from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Under the step Question Text:, type "County", "Please type your county here", etc.
  6. Continue to fill in the various question options.
  7. On the last step, Constituent Profile Field Update:, mark Select existing field.
  8. Select Address as the field type.
  9. Select Address-->County as the field.
  10. Click Finish.