A few items to check for the soft credit:
  • Open the Contact record in question
  • Scroll to the Giving Summary fields
  • Click 'Recalculate'
If the giving summary does not update after the recalculation:
  • Scroll to the Donations section
  • Choose the donation in question to view the donation record
  • Scroll to the Donation Contact Roles section
    • If the Role is 'Donor' and Primary is checked, the contact will not receive a soft credit because the contact is already receiving a hard credit for this donation. The next contact role will most likely hold the role of 'Soft Credit'.
    • If the same contact has both the 'Donor' role and 'Soft Credit' role, the contact will only receive credit for the hard credit.
    • If the second contact role is different, you can click this record to see that it holds the soft credit.
The donor cannot hold a hard credit and soft credit for the same donation.