This is usually caused by one of a few issues.
  1. The Admin is currently logged in to "All Centers" where they do not have any of their normal permissions, this limiting what they can do.
    1. This can be resolved by changing to the Center they are the Admin of.
  2. The other likely cause is that the group permissions do not allow the Admin to perform certain tasks
    1. This can be resolved by going to Constituents 360
    2. Selecting "Groups"
    3. Selecting the "Administrator Group List"
    4. Find the group in question
    5. Select Edit Permissions
    6. Choose the category in question and adjust the permissions to allow or deny access to that part of Luminate Online to this particular group.
  3. In some circumstances, if an admin is in multiple admin groups, those admin groups can have conflicting permissions that cause the admin's access to be more limited than if the admin was only in one group. To test this theory, try putting the admin in only one admin group at a time.