Many connector issues can be resolved by trying these steps:
  1. Go to "Data Management" > "Import / Export".
  2. Find the "Convio Connector for Luminate CRM DataSync" and click on "Last Result".
  3. Download the error file, probably called "ecrm_to_cg_recurring_donation_errors.csv".
  4. Find all of the Luminate CRM IDs, e.g. 0034000000t3FBw, 0014000000dV0SYAA0, 70140000000RKZuAAO, etc.
  5. Log in to Luminate CRM and go to the homepage, e.g.
  6. Modify the URL so that after it has the Luminate CRM ID from step 4. So for 0034000000t3FBw, the URL is

Eventually you should get an error:

"Record deleted
The record you attempted to access has been deleted. The user who deleted this record may be able to recover it from the Recycle Bin. Deleted data is stored in the Recycle Bin for 15 days."

Whichever object it is that produces that error is the object that is causing you problems.

Note that this solution has a few attachments. Both the wording of this solution and the images should be client friendly.