This error is due to a known limitation of the Salesforce platform.  This issue has been resolved in Luminate CRM Version 8.0.  Users on earlier versions of Luminate CRM will need to utilize the following work around until they are eligible for upgrade to Version 8.0.
  1. Go to Utilities> Recalculate Giving Summaries > and then click on Advanced Options
  2. Make the Batch size 1 and the date should be the day before the Last Date it was run.
  3. This process is best Run when no Admins are logged in. Since it could take quite a while, it is recommended this is done during off peak hours.
  4. To confirm Success go to Setup > Monitoring > Apex Jobs and if you see this error: "First error: invalid query locator" and then a number, that number is the number of records that still have not been recalculated.
  5. If you still have records that have not been calculated then repeat steps 1 through 4 until no errors are seen.

Alternatively, you could run a report based on the Recalculated Giving Summary Date that will return the Accounts and Contacts that were not calculated.  You could then manually press the Recalculate Giving Summary Button on each on of those Contacts.