The search results yield nothing for one or more of the following reasons:
  • The participant's registration is inactive.
  • The team has been disbanded.
  • The event is not accepting gifts.
Let us drill down into the scenarios:
  • If the participant's registration is inactive,
  1. Select Fundraising > TeamRaiser.
  2. Search for the event and select "Manage".
  3. Search for the participant's name and view their registration page.
  4. Select the "Active" link to make their record active.
  • If the participant's record is active, and the team is intact, then the event is not in a status where it is accepting gifts,
  1. Select Fundraising > TeamRaiser.
  2. If the event is archived, select the "Restore" link.
  3. Search for the event and select "Edit".
  4. Select the "Publish" step from the left navigation bar to skip down to the end.
  5. Mark one of the following statuses: Accepting Registrations and Gifts or Accepting Gifts Only.
  6. Save and Finish.
After these remediation steps, the soft credit candidate should appear as a search result.
As a final note, please remember to revert any settings you changed after the soft credit adjustment is complete.