Ensure you have inserted an unsubscribe link into the body of the message, or the Stationery. In the United States and Canada, legislation requires that users are provided with an easy opt-out method. As a result, Luminate Online requires that all email messages contain an unsubscribe link.

In addition, you'll also want to make sure you update the plain text of your message and Stationery. Follow the steps below to update the plain text version of your message and Stationery:

Email Message:
  1. Select Email > Email Campaigns
  2. Select the Campaigns tab
  3. Click Manage next to your email campaign
  4. Select the Messages tab
  5. Click Edit next to the email message
  6. Click Plain Text Content
  7. Click Convert to Plain Text
  8. Click Save
Email Stationery:
  1. Select Email > Stationery
  2. Click Edit for the Stationery that your message is using 
  3. Click Plain Text
  4. Click Update Plain Text
  5. Click Save
You should now be able to approve your message without seeing that error message.