This message is an alert that a Luminate Online security measure has been activated. 
Luminate Online has a defense against session hijacking (additional information on session hijacking) as an additional security measure. This will prevent an attacker from using Luminate Online if they gain control of your computer while you are logged in.  Many websites and SaaS vendors are planning to add this security feature, so networks which are incompatible with this security measure will need to be reconfigured even at organizations that don't use Luminate Online.
If your office network is multi-homed and randomly distributes secure web page access across more than one Internet provider on a page by page basis, then Luminate Online will see it as multiple people using the same session, and will log out that session as a security precaution.  The IT person who manages your network will be able to provide you more information if your not sure if you network is multi-homed or not.
How To Check If You Are Affected?
You can check if this is going to affect you by using the following procedure:
  1. Go to the website
  2. Beside the main logo in the top left corner, you will see your network's external IP address in small gray or black print. This is four numbers separated by dots, e.g.
  3. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, and click the browser's Reload or Refresh button a few times over the space of a couple of minutes.
If the number always remains the same, you will not have a problem with this new security feature. If the number changes, you might be affected by this security feature.
  • Note: the above test will yield a false positive on AOL, which does not have a compatibility problem with this security feature.  AOL Internet access is compatible with Luminate Online.
What to Do About It?
Below are three suggestions that address common causes of this issue:
Q: What should I do if I'm working from home?
A: If you are working from home and your office VPN system tunnels Internet traffic to Luminate Online's servers, then logging in or out of VPN will cause you to be logged out of Luminate Online as well.  The solution is close and reopen the browser and to either stay logged in or stay logged out of the VPN.
Q: What should our IT person do to fix the network?
A: Rearrange it so that all the web page requests for a given session go out from the same IP address. There are many ways to do this, which will depend on the existing configuration.
Q: Our IT person only works Fridays, is there a quick workaround?
A: Unplug the network cable(s) from the router(s) or modem(s) connecting to all but one of the ISPs, leaving only one connection. Ask advice from someone who understands your network topology first!