This message normally appears when the number of Tell-A-Friend's or eCards per IP Address/Per Hour has been exceeded.

Both features adhere to a governor that limits the number of eCards/TAFs to 3 per IP Address each hour with a maximum of ten recipients for those three (so this is a maximum of 30 recipients per IP/per hour.

Luminate places this limitation on the modules to prevent abuse of these features by Spambots and other malicious software/people who may use the tool to their advantage.

If you feel this will hinder your campaign and wish to have a temporary raise in the limitation, please submit a support case with the following questions answered and the request will be considered:
  • How will this campaign be promoted?
  • What is the expected usage of this campaign? Specifically, how many eCards do you expect your constituents to be sending, and to how many addresses for each eCard?
  • Are there any access restrictions in place prior in order to send the card, such as must a user be logged in prior to accessing the eCard area?
  • How long will the campaign run? Specifically, when can we set these limitations back to normal?