Receipt Stack Field Limited to 10 Characters

The Receipt Stack field in the Financial area of NetCommunity now only allows 10 characters

Error appears when attempting to save any changes in Administration - Sites & Settings

The following error(s) must be corrected before continuing:
Please enter a receipt stack 10 characters or less.

A change was made in 6.51 that limits this field to 10 characters to allow mapping to the Receipt stack short name in BBIS and BBNC.

Workaround: Change the Receipt Stack name to match the short name for the Receipt stack, or a name that is less than 10 characters.  You may need to change your reporting in The Raiser's Edge.

To change the Receipt Stack field:
1. Log into Blackbaud NetCommunity as a Supervisor User
2. Navigate to Administration - Sites & Settings
3. With the Organization level, top level, selected on the left hand navigation tree, Select the Financial tab on the right.
4. Change the value in the "Receipt Stack:" field
5. Select Save and allow your changes to save before navigating away from the page.

Download and install the latest patch, which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch. 


 6.51.736, patch 6

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