Our servers send eMails based on Pacific Time, which is 3 hours behind Eastern Time.
So if an eMail is scheduled to go out at 9:30 AM, it will start sending at 12:30 PM Eastern time.

The scheduled time in an eMail can not be changed once it has been set.
If you would like to change the time for the eMail to go out, or would like to have it send immediately instead, then do the following.
  1. Go to Communication > eMail
  2. Hover over the Campaign Name in which the eMail(s) reside that you want to send out now, or change the time and click Manage
  3. Mark the checkbox(es) to the left of the eMails that you would like to change the scheduled time for
  4. Click the 'Duplicate' button
  5. For the duplicated emails go through the scheduling process by clicking the blue 'Schedule' button for each one, selecting either the time you want it to be sent out at, or click Send Now to send the mailing immediately
NOTE: Don't forget to delete the original eMails that are scheduled. If you forget to remove them, they will still send at the scheduled time. This will result in the receivers receiving the eMail twice.