Clearing Requests no email check box in RE changes recipients Opted out status in BBNC

When an email recipient from a Constituent list marks the global email opt-out check box on the User Email Preferences Form part, this sends a profile update to The Raiser's Edge which marks the "Requests no email" box on the corresponding constituent record when processed.

Unchecking/clearing the "Requests no email" checkbox on the constituent record in The Raiser's Edge does change the BBNC Opted-out status from "Yes" to "No" after manually refreshing the List in NetCommunity. The reverse of this is also true.

Opting back in to email messages after unsubscribing

Note: Repeat mailings to users who have opted-out could result in a report of Spam.  Reports of Spam may be blocked by Blackbaud to comply with Spam regulations. When a constituent marks email sent via a Blackbaud NetCommunity site as SPAM, Blackbaud takes the proactive measure of placing the constituent's email address on a blacklist.  This ensures no further email can be sent to the email address that was used.  This is a measure for protecting the organization's reputation as an email sender.  Please follow the instructions in the  Knowledgebase Article, How to have an email address removed from the Blackbaud blacklist.

Are constituents marked Requests no email automatically removed from emails?



 6.45 patch 22 ; 6.51 patch 3

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