The following steps must be completed with all users out of FundWare.

1.  Log into Division 00 System Administration.
2.  Select System Utilities
3.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:

        Program Name                   AFW800
        Switches                           <blank>
        Parameters                        AFW807
        Business Date                    Use today's date
        Division                  Select the appropriate division.

4.  Click Run.
5.  Press enter at the blue screen.
6.  The DOS prompt appears.
7.  Click anywhere on the black screen to put the cursor next to the data prompt.
8.  At the DOS prompt, type: rename  ##CSI*.*  tp1####*.* (Where ## is your division number and #### is the TTY number that will run the program) (press Enter)  
9.  Type:  exit  (press Enter)

 Run the following programs in order.

10.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen.  This program will compare the internally stored account number with the external account number.

               Program:          CSTZCSI
               Switches:          <blank>
               Parameter:     <blank>

11.  Run the following program to fix the CSL file, the screen will display the number of records fixed:

               Program:          CST900
               Switches:          <blank>
               Parameters:     CST905

12.  Run the following program to fix the CSJ file:
(If you do not have any saved years of data, delete the ##csj*.* files first.  DO NOT delete the ##csj*.* files if you have saved years of data.)

               Program:          CST900
               Switches:          <blank>
               Parameters:     CST901

13.  Run the following program to repost CSI records that were created from the CST900, <blank>, CST905 process.  It creates them without an external ID:

               Program:          CST900
               Switches:          <blank>
               Parameters:     CST903

14.  Run the following program to create the external ID numbers for the above CSI records:

               Program:          CST900
               Switches:          <blank>
               Parameters:     CST902

15.  Run the following program to remove the duplicate CSI records that were not found the first time this program was run:

               Program:          CSTZCSI
               Switches:          <blank>
               Parameters:     <blank>

16.  Verify you are signed on using the year end date.
17.  Perform Roll Balances again.

If the Roll Forward is still out of balance:

1.   Check for accounts in the Chart of Accounts that are marked as DS or with status inactive that have balances.

2.  Run the program below to create the CSKLER.L## report:
      a.  Select File, Open FundWare.
      b.  Select division 00 - System Administration and click OK .
      c.  Select System Administration, System Utilities. 
      d.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
       Program Name:   CST991
       Switches:           <leave blank>
       Parameters:       <leave blank>
       Business Date:    Use today's date
       Division:              Select the appropriate division.
       Click Run.
This will create a CSKLER.L## report.  When you have this report, contact Fundware Technical Support for further instruction unless it is blank, as that indicates there is no problem in this area.