The Terms and Conditions must state:
  • Text costs and standard network costs.
  • Amount the charity receives *
  • Obtain bill payers permission.
  • Name of Charity (only if this is not included elsewhere)

Compliance statement text requirements -
  • The compliance statement must be included everywhere you advertise, whether that be on a poster, flyer, web site and so on.
  • The text size of the compliance statement cannot be less than 50% of the font size used for the keyword included in the donation request
  • The compliance statement must be placed in close proximity to the keyword included in the donation request, to ensure it is not missed or overlooked.
  • The compliance statement text shown in Blackbaud Mobile has been created using the guidelines in UK mobile operators code of practice, so the addition or removal of text of not advise as it could result in the text no longer being compliant.

The Compliance statement in Blackbaud Mobile includes the following -

<Charity Name> receives 100% of your donation.

This is in line with PhonepayPlus Regulations extract below -
  1. Requirements

    1. Providers should ensure that all promotional material used for fundraising clearly states the following
      • The total sum per premium rate donation which will be paid to the beneficiary. Where the amount varies between Network operators, we recommend that the minimum likely amount is used.
      • Where the donation is passed through to the charity intact without any deductions for VAT or revenue share (admin fees charges separately are ignored by this Guidance), then the promotion can carry the message that 100% of donations are passed through to the beneficiary.
The portion of the above requirements, highlighted in red, is applicable in this instance.
No deductions are made from the donation for VAT or revenue share before being passed through to the charity.
The administration fees for Blackbaud Mobile sit separately from the amount passed through to the charity, therefore the compliance statement is accurate in this respect.

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