A Sphere user will find the Personal Page Extras feature in an event's Image and Text Library for Page Customization, in the Personal Page Text Library view.

1.  Go to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon
2.  Hover over the event name and click Website Info
3.  Click Image and Text Library for Page Customization, in the second group of links on the page
4.  In the dropdown at the top of the new page, select Personal Page Text Library.

You will now find the Personal Page Extras at the top of this page view.  Beneath this you will find the text templates you can provide to participants to get them started with their page.

The Personal Page Extras field allows you to provide text and limited HTML (such as for bolding text or adding a hyperlink) on each participant fundraising page.  This text will appear on each page and cannot be edited by the participant.