The release of The Raiser's Edge Version 7.92.5508.9 accommodates changes made to the Gift Aid submission process by HMRC.  

  • Raiser's Edge version 7.93 includes additional enhancements to this new Gift Aid functionality, including processing Refunds when using the Submit Gift Aid Claim Directly from Raiser's Edge
    See What to consider before Updating to The Raiser's Edge 7.93 for the steps to perform the update.
  • Also see What checks should be carried out before submitting a Gift Aid claim online before proceeding.
  • The country on the preferred address SHOULD NOT / CANNOT be blank.
    While the gifts for constituents with a blank country will not be rejected when including in the submission, they will be excluded from the payment received from HMRC
    See the What checks should be carried out before submitting Gift Aid claim online (above) for the steps to ensure the preferred country is not blank.

Claim Using a Paper Form

For charities with very few donations.  To complete this process:
  1. Contact HMRC to request the ChR1 Form 
  2. Run the R68 Report, use the completed report as a template to complete the ChR1 Form.

Claim Online (Using a Spreadsheet)

A spreadsheet process has been created that will allow up to 1,000 donations to be claimed via an Excel output.  To complete this process:
  1. Run the R68 Report and update the tax claim number as normal.
  2. Create a Gift query with the criteria Gift Information, Tax Claim Number equals {the unique tax claim number applied by the R68 in step 1 above}
    AND Funds, Tax Claim Amount greater than £0.00
    (This is to take split gifts into account where only a portion of the gift amount is tax claim eligible. 
    Fund Tax Claim amount is used in the query no matter whether split on the gift is based on Campaign, Fund, Appeal or Package).
  3. On the output tab of the query add the following fields:
    1. From the Constituent section - Title 1, First Name, Surname
    2. From the Constituent, Addresses section, expand Address Processing and select Address Line 1. 
      On the Address Processing pop up screen remove Preferred address from Address to use grid and replace with Home*, so that the home address line 1 is exported.
    3. Still on the Address Processing tab, for "Step 4: Specify what happens if no address if found" - set this option to Use specific address and choose Home from the drop down list of address types. 
      This will take into account those constituents whose home address option "Send Mail to this Address" is unticked because they have requested no mail to the Home address.  
    4. Click  OK and from the Address Processing section also include City** and Postcode which, because the address type Home has been selected, will be the home City and home Postcode.
    5. From the Gift Information section near the top of the list of available fields - Gift Date then from the Funds section select Split Amount. 
      Where the gift is not split this will be the full gift amount.
      Where the gift is split over 2 or more campaigns, funds, appeals or packages this will be the amount that is included in the claim for each eligible split.
      For example for a gift of £20 that is split £10 to Appeal 1 and is eligible based on Gift Aid Rules, £5 to Appeal 2 and is not eligible based on Gift Aid Rules and £5 to Appeal 3 and is eligible.
      The query results for this gift will show £10 for Appeal 1 and a 2nd row in the results for £5 for Appeal 3.
  4. Check the query results are correct then Export the query results in Excel format  - note the location and name used.
  5. Open the exported file in Excel and for the Address Line 1 field, as the HMRC requirement only needs the House Name/Number, remove the remainder of the address line
    Note: We recommend that you calculate the total in Excel to ensure it matches the total shown on the R68 report.
  6. Copy and paste the data from the exported spreadsheet to the HMRC spreadsheet
(Note - HMRC spreadsheet can be found at

* Home address is chosen in Address Processing rather than Preferred Address because HMRC require the home address and some constituents in Raiser's Edge may have their Preferred Address set as their business address.
** International Addresses require that the full address is entered into the address field, with the postcode field left blank.

Submit Claim Directly from The Raiser's Edge

The Raiser's Edge is an authorised fundraising application and claims can be submitted directly from The Raiser's Edge to HMRC.  To complete this process:
  1. Sign up for an HMRC Account (at
  2. Ensure you have set up HMRC Login Settings in The Raiser's Edge
  3. Run the R68 Report (Be sure a copy is saved as a PDF or printed, should a colleague need to review it).
  4. Go to Admin, Submit Gift Aid Claim to HMRC
  5. Select a Gift Aid claim to submit
  6. Select an HMRC Username
  7. Authorise the claim submission
  8. Submit the Claim
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