If important details of a campaign change or were determined incorrect after Source Analysis Codes were computed (source code, for instance), then you may require that the SACs be recomputed for one or more source codes.

The script to rebuild SACs executes the following steps for one or more specified source codes

-- 1. Deletes out the existing SAC records in Source Analysis table
-- 2. Re-inserts SAC, number of solicitations and sts in Source Analysis table.
-- 3. Inserts the Transaction information of donors that have responded to the Source in DMS_REBUILD_SA table.
-- 4. Inserts the Transaction information into the Source Analysis table based on DMS_REBUILD_SA data.
-- 5. (optional)  Refreshes the Transaction data on the Interactions record. This is used when the Interaction is created long after a campaign has commenced and donations have been processed.

If you believe a rebuild of the SAC is required, please determine which source codes should be recomputed and if step 5 applies.  Once these things are determined, please create a support request at www.blackbaud.com/support providing the relevant details and referencing this solution.