1. 1. Add the desired photo to the person's record in The Education Edge [or Student Information Systems].
  • Click the blue photo button on the toolbar which is located directly to the left of the button with a tree on it
  • Click Change picture
  • Search for image, select it, and click open
  • Click Ok, then save the record.
  1. 2. Edit the Directory (Education Edge) part type
  2. 3. On the Design tab, add the field "Record.Photo" to the Listing Fields
  3. 4. Click Save

A thumbnail of the Photo from EE [or SIS] will be displayed for the Record.Photo merge field when that person is returned in the search results from the Directory (Education Edge) part.

  • The images must be in one of the following formats: BMP, GIF, ICO, and JPG 
  • The maximum size for a photo to fit in the viewable space is 3.78 in. x 5.68 in (or 363 pixels x 545 pixels). Larger photos will import, but will be cut off. For example, a full 4x6 picture will be cropped on the bottom by a minimal amount (<0.25 inch). 
  • If Blackbaud hosts your database, please upload the pictures first.