Step 1:  Run reports to get the names and supporter IDs of the Organizations (Companies) and Individuals (Employees) that you will be creating the relationship for in Sphere.

Step 2: Setup the Relationship Type if you have not done so already

1. Navigate to Contacts > Database Management > Attribute Setup > Relationship Types
2. Click New
3. Enter "Company" (or whatever you would prefer) in the Name field for Relationship
4. Leave Contact Record Type set to Either
5. Enter "Employee" (or whatever you would prefer) in the Name field for Reciprocal Relationship
6. Leave Contact Record Type set to Either
7. Mark the Relationship Category as Employee/Employee-Owner (or choose the appropriate Category for the relationship you have created)
8. Click Save and Finish

Note: You can now create a batch to create relationships between the company and the employees

Create a .CSV file in Excel with the following 3 columns:

  • Company Supporter ID, Employee Supporter ID and Relationship Type (These can actually be called anything but we will be using these for this example)

1. Use the reports you generated with the Organization and Individual Supporter Id(s) to fill In the .CSV file. Associate Company Supporter Id(s) with the corresponding Employee Supporter Id(s) and enter "Employee/Company" as the Relationship Type.
2. Once you have created this file we will import it into Sphere to create the relationship between Company and Employee
3. Go to Contacts > Database Management > Manage Contacts > Import Relationship
4. Click on the blue button labeled New Import Relationship Batch
5. Click Browse and select the relationship CSV file you just created from your computer.
6. Make sure the data is assigned to the appropriate individuals in the organization.
7. Make sure "Create relationships using Kintera Supporter ID" is selected
8. Click Next
9. Choose Employee/Company from the dropdown 

*Note: The relationship order chosen in the drop-down is important.  The first relationship corresponds to the relationship of the second Supporter ID listed on each row in the .CSV file. In this example that would be the Employee Supporter ID.  If you Chose Company/Employee the Individual (Employee) records' relationship would be designated as Company and not Employee in the contact record once the batch completed.*

10. Click Next
11. Name your batch
12. For the first Supporter ID, select Company Supporter ID
13. Leave Has Relationship of: set to Employee Company
14. For the second Supporter ID, select Employee Supporter ID
15. Click Next
16. Your batch has been added
17. Refresh your screen by pressing F5 to see if it has completed. When it has finished, it will say, SUCCESS
18. Hover over the Batch name and click View Details to verified the records processed successfully

Step 3: Verify the Relationship

1. Navigate to Contacts > Organization
2. Search for the Organization Name
3. Click Manage
4. Click the "Relationship" tab
5. Click the "All" subtab
6. You will see a listing of all Employees associated with the company and the Relationship Type should say Employee.