Important: Sphere no longer offer this app. Chorus provide the same app as a paid service.

Instructions on how to enable the Fundraising with Friends mobile app (BB736726).

How to Use the Fundraise with Friends (FwF) Mobile App:
  1. Download the app from the Apple or Android app store
  2. Open the app on your mobile device and either use your participant username and password and click the Load Event button, or click the Use Social Sign On button and choose to sign on using your Google, Yahoo, Facebook. or Twitter login credentials that you used to register for the FAF event 
    • (Note: If you use the Social Sign On option, you will need to click the "Allow" button to allow the FwF mobile app to interact with your social account.)
  3. Once you have logged into the app, all FAF events associated with that specific login information will load into the My Events section.  (If you wish to remove any of the events listed in the My Events section, click the Edit button, then the red delete circle, and then the Delete button.  This does not remove you from this event.  It only removes this event from your FwF mobile app.)
  4. To begin fundraising with your friends, select the event in which you wish to fundraise
  5. Click on the Request Donations button to send a message to contacts on your mobile device
  6. You may select to send this message via Email, Text, Facebook or Twitter.  Once you have chosen the channel in which you wish to send your message, customize your message and then send.  (Note: the link that is automatically generated in these messages sends recipients to your participant page in the FAF event.)
  7. You may also Send Reminders to your friends so that they don't forget to donate!