1.  Navigate to Content > Content Management System
2.  Hover over Site Name and select Manage WebSite
3.  Select Content Management
4.  Select File Library
5.  Select Upload
6.  Choose Browse and select the PDF file that you would like to upload
7.  Choose Upload
8.  Open the PDF file that you uploaded by choosing the file
9.  Copy the URL
10. Select Site Structure (In Folder View)
11. Open the page that you would like to embed the PDF file into by selecting it
12. Select Content
13. Select HTML (located at the bottom-left)
14. Copy and paste the following code, but replace the appropriate information as indicated:
<object data="enter url for PDF file here" type="application/pdf" width="840%" height="990%">
  <a href="
enter url for PDF file here"></a>

15. Publish your changes