Is the donor logged in?
A donor must be logged in with the same user account that they used while making the donation(s) to see the their transaction history.

Is the supporters NetCommunity record linked to The Raiser's Edge?
  • In NetCommunity, go to: Users and Security > Users
  • Search for the supporters user record
  • Is the RE link icon displayed next to the record?
    • NOTE: you can also verify if the record is linked by clicking the pencil icon next to the username. Just below the Timezone dropdown you should see:  "The Raiser's Edge Linked Constituent Information - BREAK LINK". If you see this the record is linked.
  • If the record is not linked, follow the steps for: How to link a Blackbaud NetCommunity user to a Raiser's Edge constituent record
Giving History tabs:
  • Active Tab: This will display current pledges. If you are looking for a gift that was made that is not a pledge, it will not be listed here. Instead, you will see it in the History Tab.
  • History Tab: This will display all gifts the user made to the organization for the selected time period or funds. In order to find a donation that was not a pledge, but a regular gift, view the History tab.
  • If a filter is set, try removing the filter to see if the gifts show.
  • Mark/Unmark the Soft Credit Box
Donor's Raiser's Edge Gifts
In The Raiser's Edge, locate and open the donor's record. Confirm the donor has the expected gifts on their Gift tab.

If the giving totals are visible, but the giving details are blank
This indicates the part may be corrupt. In which case, a new transaction manager part will need to be created.