Event Registration Form Comparisons


FeatureEvent Registration FormEvent Registration Form (Classic)
Register as OrganizationYesNo
Simplified Registration ProcessYesNo
Optional Register later for Anonymous GuestsYesNo
Div-based layout for ease of stylingYesNo
Change Order of Event Price Options within NetCommunityYesNo
Event Price Name AND DescriptionYesNo
Include/Remove Attributes based on each individual Pricing OptionYesNo
Automatic integration with secure paymentsYesNo
Remove Price Column or Specify Text for Free EventsYesNo
AttributesYes (version 6.53 or higher)Yes
Link to another page from the eventNoYes
Matching GiftsNoYes
Pledge (Bill me later) payment methodYesYes
Can restrict to a capacity set in Raiser's Edge.Yes (version 6.58 or higher)
Limit the Dates and Times event types appear on the page
Yes (version 6.58 or higher)
Title Field available in Billing Information
Yes (version 6.64 or higher)