BBIS\ Transaction not downloaded in submitted order.

 Auto-downloaded transactions submitted by users create duplicate transaction rows but does not always download in the order they are submitted. For example, a user updates their address, submits, and then updates their professional contact info and submits. This can allow for the change that was previously submitted to be add to the batch/new batch after the latest thus applying older information to the record.
3 different scenarios that I was able to get transactions to download in different order:
Example #1:
Transaction #1: Update Name
Transaction #2: Update email
Transaction #3: Update Address
Regardless of download order as the updated information was the same as the previous it was committed correctly.
Example #2:
Transaction #1: Update Address
Transaction #2: Update Address
Transaction #3: Update Address
Transaction #4: Update Address
All of these regardless of when they were downloaded either rolled into one transaction or gave me a negative download number at which time I was able to delete the uncommitted batches which triggered a re-download of the transactions and rolled them together. (Recommend course of action for current workaround is to check for negative download numbers indicating multiple changes to the same field in multiple transactions/batches. Delete all uncommitted batches of that type to re-trigger all downloads)
Example #3:
Transaction #1: Update Middle Name, Update Address
Transaction #2: Update Suffix, Update Address
Transaction #2 was downloaded first and Transaction #1 second. 
Committal of these batches did set the record to the address for the first transaction (which is not the latest). But this did have to be done in this specific scenario within the download time.
Download and install the latest patch, which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch. 


 2.94.1524, patch 63

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