How to create add a wrapper to a form through CMS
  1. Navigate to Content > Content Management
  2. Hover over the CMS site where you will be adding the form
  3. Select Manage Website
  4. Select the Content Management tab
  5. Select "Folder"
  6. Select New > Forms
  7. Select the type of form that you will be adding the wrapper to
  8. Select Continue
  9. Choose Select next to Link Location
  10. Choose where the link to the form will appear on the frontend by hovering over one of the options on the left and choosing "place inside","make child","place above", or "place below".
  11. Choose the Event Select tab
  12. Select the form name from the Event dropdown menu
  13. Select the advanced tab
  14. Expand Design Options
  15. If you have already created your wrapper, choose Select and select it from the list of options then continue to Step #20
    If you have not yet created the wrapper, select Create and continue to Step #16
  16. Enter a Title
  17. Select the Body tab
  18. ***CONTENT*** is the actual form, add your wrapper around the form. To add custom coding choose HTML to add coding.
  19. Select the Publish Immediately box to publish and choose Create
  20. Select the Publish Immediately box then choose Create