When mapping a field set to a relationship, two additional option groups for defining the relationships appear in the Add Fields [or Edit Fields] window:  "Options" and "Selections"

The "Options" box lists the available relationship types from The Education Edge.

Selecting one or more relationship types in the "Options" box and clicking Add places the selected relationship types in the "Selections" box.

When the ORE form is loaded, it will check the Student record in The Education Edge for each relationship type listed in the "Selections" box for that field set.

The ORE form will populate the field set with the first relationship from the Student record that:

  1. Matches the relationship type from the "Selections" box [if there are multiple relationship types in the "Selections" box, it will search them in the order listed, from top to bottom], and
  2. Is not already populated into a previous relationship field set in the ORE form