Unable to create a report to show employee name and pay rate/amount information

Clients would like a report to show the employee name and their effective pay rate and amount.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Alternative solution in version or previous:

1. Create a new Export. Select Employee for the Type and any Excel option as the Export Format
2. On the Filters tab, select Employee Status - Active
3. On the Output tab select the following:

Employee: Select the following fields
Employee Name Fields: Last Name, First Name
Pay Types: Select the following fields
Amount (for the Pay type box that opens, select 1 for "For each Employee, enter the number of Pay Types to export" and for "Order By" select 'Date Last Changed') and Click OK

4. Click Export Now
5. Enter a file name and location to save the file. Open the file to view the results

This solution does not  work for versions 7.87 and higher


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