This message indicates that some of the Business information entered in that Online Reenrollment form could potentially match more than one Organization record in your Education Edge database.  To process the application successfully, you'll need to review the potential matches and instruct the plugin as to which of the potentially matching Organizations should be used for this relationship.

1. In the Online Admissions and Online Reenrollment window, select the specific form that is producing this message and click the down arrow to the right of the Manage Matches button
2. Click View Relationship Matches to open the Relationship Matches window
3. In the Relationship Matches window, locate and select the row that displays "Multiple Matches" in the Match Status column
4. Click View Match(es) to open the Multiple Matches window
5. In the Multiple Matches window, mark the check box in the Match To? column that corresponds to the desired Organization record.  [If you need to review one of the Organization records more closely before deciding, select the Organization record and click the Open Record button]
6. Click OK to close the Multiple Matches window and return to the Relationship Matches window
7. In the Relationship Matches window, the Match Status column for the relationship will now read "Match" instead of "Multiple Matches".  Click OK to return to the Online Admissions and Online Reenrollment window.

From the Online Admissions and Online Reenrollment window, you can now click Process Form to process the form with the appropriate match to the selected Organization record.