Basically, the City field has the Lookup checkbox marked in Raiser's Edge in the following location: 

1. Config > Fields > Address
2. View the Lookup checkbox for the City field

To revert the City drop-down box back to a text field in Blackbaud NetCommunity, do the following:

1. In Raiser's Edge, go to Config > Fields > Address
2. Unmark the City field Lookup checkbox
3. The City field in Blackbaud NetCommunity should be a text box, but it is still a drop-down box.
4. Wait approximately 20 minutes for cache to clear in IIS.
5. In your Internet Browser, clear cache as well (How to clear Internet Cache:

After going through the steps above, your City field should be a text box that the user can enter the City name manually and it should no longer be a drop-down list.