Here’s how the MEM benefit expiration date for a monthly SG pledge should be set. If there is a schedule end date on the pledge, subtract one month from the schedule end date
  • set the expiration date to 12/31 of the current year if "Should Expiration Dates Be First or Last of Month" is set to Last
  • set the expiration date to January 1 of the following year  if "Should Expiration Dates Be First or Last of Month" is set to First
For example, schedule end date: 2/1/15, minus one month is 1/1/15. January one of the following year is 1/1/16. The reason we need to subtract a month is to properly handle end dates in January. Let’s say a pledge came in on 1/15/15 then the end date is probably 1/15/16. If we went to January of the next year without subtracting a month we would get a pledge running almost 2 years, 1/15/15 to 1/1/17. Instead 1/15/16 – 1 month = 12/15/15 and the next January is 1/1/16 which is the proper expiration date.