Customer was charged on his credit card but there is no order in Altru

When reviewing transactions from online sales orders in BBMS or Cybersource, users may find a transaction that appears to have come from Altru web forms but no sales order was created in Altru for the transaction. The credit card has been charged by the merchant account and has an authorization code, and the customer sees the charge on his credit card.
  1. Go to Sales > Unresolved Online Sales Order to see if the order is here.  If it is, view the unresolved online sales order error and resolve it.
  2. If the order is not in Unresolved Online Sales Orders, build a revenue query to ensure the transaction is not in Altru:
    1. Go to Analysis > Information Library.
    2. Click Add an ad-hoc query.
    3. Choose the source view of Revenue and click Ok.
    4. In the middle column "Select Revenue fields," select Authorization code under credit card and move this to Include Records Where.  Set the criteria to Equal to, then type in the 6 digit authorization code from BBMS or Cybersource.
    5. In the middle column, select Authorization code and move it to Results Fields to Display.
    6. In the middle column, select Name on Card and card number and move these fields to Results Fields to Display.
    7. Go to the Preview Results tab.
    8. If there are results, look for the result with the matching date, amount, last 4 digits of the credit card number, and name on card as BBMS or Cybersource.  Note that the date may be different, depending on how it was entered in Altru, but multiple details should match.  You can click on the correct result, then click Browse to find the record in Altru. When browsing to the record, if the application details are blank this indicates that the order is not complete. The user who processed this order should check their Daily Sales / Advance Sales screens and complete the order.
    9. If there are no results, then the credit card charge is not in Altru. 
  3. If the charge is not in Altru at all, log into BBMS or Cybersource to see if there is a corresponding refund to this charge.  It is possible there was an unresolved online sales order in Altru but it was cancelled, thus refunding the card.  In this case, you should see a charge and a refund in BBMS or Cybersource.
  4. If there is not a charge in Altru AND no refund in BBMS or Cybersource, this issue can occur for a variety of reasons including the user's interaction or connectivity during the transaction as well as back office connectivity with our payment services. We are working with our payment services to team to develop a better process for handling this situation to alert the constituents as well as enable the system to better handle common flows of online transactions.
  5. For the time being we can enter these transactions as a back office payment and match that payment to the unmatched disbursement or if it was a duplicate charge, you can refund it through BBMS or Cybersource.
    1. Go to Revenue > Add a payment if it was a donation, pledge payment, special event registration.  If it was a membership, go to Revenue > Add a membership.
      1. NOTE: If this was a scheduled program or pre-registered program ticket purchase or merchandise purchase, you cannot enter a payment in the back office.  Instead, ring up a sales order and use an other payment method to complete the sale. Do not use the payment method of credit card, as it will charge the card again.

    2. Select the constituent
    3. Enter the amount and the date of the charge in BBMS or Cybersource.
    4. Select the application that the payment should apply to.
    5. In the payment method section, select Credit Card.
    6. Select the card type, enter the last 4 digits of the card from BBMS or Cybersource, enter the name on card.
    7. Do NOT mark the box to authorize card on save.
    8. Enter the authorization code from BBMS or Cybersource.
    9. Click Save.
    10. If you use BBMS Auto-Reconcile and want to mark this transaction as reconciled, go to Treasury > Reconcile transactions and disbursements.
    11. Go to the Unmatched Disbursements tab.
    12. Find and click on the charge that was missing in Altru.
    13. Click Find Transaction Match.
    14. Search for and select the payment you just added to reconcile the transaction to BBMS.
  6. If there were duplicate charges, refund them through Blackbaud Merchant Services or Cybersource.



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