There can be a few different reasons why multiple cycle days may be listed on the homepage in FAWeb.

One reason why someone might see more than a single cycle day listed on the homepage in FAWeb is due to having multiple schools in the database with teacher(s) scheduled to teach classes in two or more.
If the schools have different cycles this will cause the corresponding cycle days to display. When a teacher scheduled to teach in both schools logs in to FAWeb, they will see that extra day because they are associated with both schools and their different cycle days in The Education Edge.

If the teacher is only intended to be scheduled in one school, we can edit faculty scheduling restrictions.

Another reason is when we have multiple terms running concurrently in a single school. What may happen on occasion is the cycle days will not sync up with each other (typically due to changes in the cycle such as snow days, etc.), and as a result we may see Day 1 listed for our Semester term, and Day 3 listed for our Trimester term.

If this is the cause, we can change the starting cycle day for the term in Registrar's Office.