Error: An online application is attempting to access files on your computer - when you start a program hosted in Blackbaud Hosting Services

You may receive a prompt or warning that a program is attempting to access files on your computer after you click the icon to start your program in Blackbaud Hosting Services. 

Do you want to Block Access, Read-Only or Permit All Access 

This prompt is requesting to keep a tunnel connection open during this session until the Blackbaud Hosting Services is terminated. This will allow for such features as exporting to a local drive. Blocking access or read-only will prevent this tunnel and block your ability to export locally. If you would like to set a decision prompt to permanently make a decision for you and suppress this prompt from appearing: 

  • Select "Permit All Access" to allow your Hosted program to save files to and import files from your computer. 
  • You may be able to prevent this prompt from displaying in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox by configuring your web browser for Blackbaud Hosting Services.  
  • Note: You will not be able to disable this warning when accessing Blackbaud Hosting Services through Google Chrome due to Chrome not supporting the Citrix Receiver browser plugin.

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