Error: The value for 'Lookup ID' must be unique

The following error is received when attempting to Import Constituent updates into a Batch using the Constituent Update Batch template.

Error: The value for 'Lookup ID' must be unique
 This error message is being generated because Altru is trying to create new Constituent records using the Lookup IDs entered instead of linking them to the existing records in the database.  To resolve this issue follow the steps below:
  1. From the Administration section select Import, highlight the Import process, and select Edit
  2. Select the Set options tab of the process, Constituent matching, and mark the box Check for records that match existing constituents
  3. Note: You may have the uncheck the  Use batch template settings box to get this option
  4. Save the Import process, delete the incorrect Batch, and run the process again
  5. You should no longer receive these exceptions in the Batch: Error: The value for 'Lookup ID' must be unique



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