1. Verify that the gift record is only assigned to 1 solicitor record.
2. Verify that the scheduled syncronization ran prior to changes being made on the gift record.

When an offline gift has these conditions in The Raiser's Edge, the gift is included in Blackbaud NetCommunity.
 The Raiser’s Edge gift fund must match the Team Fundraising fund.
 The Raiser's Edge gift type must be Cash or Pledge.
 The Raiser's Edge gift must have one or more Team Fundraising solicitors associated with it.
 The gift does not have a NetCommunity Page gift attribute. This attribute downloads from Blackbaud NetCommunity.
 The Raiser's Edge gift can have a Blackbaud NetCommunityComments gift attribute. The comment appears on the Donor List for a Fundraiser Page Element.
 The Raiser's Edge gift can be marked Anonymous.
 When you edit an offline gift amount in The Raiser's Edge, the updated gift amount appears on the website. To view the updated amount, the amount must have been edited in the Solicitors field on the gift record in The Raiser's Edge.