First, Altru calculates an item's cost as a moving average. For example: You have a toy in your merchandise inventory. When you placed your first order, you received 10 toys at $0.25. You sell 8 of these toys and you reorder 10 more toys, however the cost has now jumped to $0.50. Altru would calculate the average cost as $0.46. This is calculated from your remaining inventory of (2 items @ $.25 ($.50 total) + 10 items @ $.50 ($5 total))/12 total items. This equals out to an average cost of $.46 when rounded. 

To view the costs of goods sold, we recommend using the Merchandise Sales Report
  1. Go to Merchandise
  2. Under Reports, click Merchandise Sales
  3. Select the parameters you need for your report: 
    1. Under Department, choose whether you would like to run the report for all departments, selected departments, or a specific department
    2. Under Vendor, choose whether you would like to run the report for all vendors, selected vendors, or a specific vendor. 
    3. Under Sales methods, choose whether you would like to run the report for all sales methods or a specific one. 
    4. Under Group by, choose whether you would like to group the items by Category, Department or Vendor. 
    5. Under Date, choose the date parameters for which you would like to run the report for. 
  4. Click View Report.

Here is an example of how the final report will look. You can see the Cost of Sales column outlined below: 
User-added image

If you need additional details or would like to export raw data for a different presentation, you can also use a Sales Order query to export information about the number of items sold and the costs of those items:

  1. From Analysis > click information library
  2. Click Add an Ad-Hoc Query
  3. In the Record Type drop down, select Sales Order
  4. Highlight Sales Orders in the source, click ok
  5. In the 'Browse for fields in' drag Transaction Date to the 'include records where' select the date range
  6. Highlight Sales Order Item, drag Type to 'include records where' select equal to Merchandise
  7. Drag Quantity to the 'results fields to display'
  8. Expand Sales Order Item Merchandise
  9. Highlight Inventory Item
  10. Drag Item Details, & Cost to the 'results fields to display'
  11. Click Preview Results
  12. On the Set Save Options tab, name the query, click Save