Steps for adding a new user account:
  1. Click Accounts on the menu bar
  2. Click Add an Account
  3. Check the box next to User under Roles
  4. Set the Name Format to Individual
  5. Fill in the First Name and Last Name
  6. Complete the User Login Information
  7. Fill in the Address, City, State, Postal Code, Phone Number, and Email information (optional)
  8. Fill in or select any applicable User Defined Fields
  9. In the Tasks menu, click Save And
Note: Once a login ID is created, it cannot be used by any other client in any other database.  You may run into this situation:  Error: You have entered a login ID for the account which has already been reserved by another

Each new user will be assigned to the Default security group when created.  To move a User to a different security group, follow these steps:
  1. Click Management on the menu bar
  2. Click Security Groups under the Admin section
  3. Click on the User's Name to access the Rights page of their account
  4. Mark the radio button (empty circle) next to the security group you wish to assign them to
  5. Click Save And
  6. Have the user log out and back in