You can view what emails have bee n sent to a constituent by viewing the constituent record and selecting the "interactions" tab. From there, there is a link available titled "Emails Sent."

Alternatively, if you want to find all of the constituents who received a specific email, you will need the "Delivery Recipient Report". Unlike the other Email Campaign reports, you must access this report through the delivery itself.

To run the Delivery Recipient Report:

1.       Click Email in the top-level navigation bar.

2.       Click Email Campaigns in the drop-down list.

3.       Click the Campaigns tab in the Email Home page.

4.       Click the name of the campaign containing the message from the Email Campaign List.

5.       Click the Deliveries tab in the specific campaign's Summary page to open the list of all message deliveries.

6.       From the Delivery List, click Review from the Actions column beside the message Delivery you want to view.

7.       Click the Delivery Recipient Report link at the left of the Review page.

8.       On the Reports page, click Refresh this page and wait until the system changes the Status to Completed. (You may need to click this more than one time.)

9.       From the Action column, click:

  •        View to display the report in your browser.
  •       Print to display the report in a printer-friendly format.
  •        Download to save the report to a file in a comma separated value (CSV) format and download the file to your local computer or shared network resource.
  •        Delete to remove the report from the Reports list if you no longer need it.