How to identify data conversion issues in Blackbaud CRM

When data is converted from other locations and databases into Blackbaud CRM, a series of processes is used to ensure that all data is populated in the correct tables with the right information so that that information from previous systems is accessible and functional in CRM.  However, there are times when converted records exhibit unexpected behavior in the database - records may not save correctly, fields may not populated as expected, etc.

The first step when handling a potential problem with converted data is to test the problem records. 

Some things to look for:

1.  Does the same problem occur if a new record with the same information is added to the data, and you attempt to duplicate the issue?  If everything works with a newly added record, the issue may be a problem with converted data.
2.  If it is possible to query on the problem records, users may output the fields "Added by Application" and "Added by user name" from the System Fields section of output fields.  If there is any reference to Blackbaud Conversions or a conversion engine, then the issue may be a problem with converted data.

Once a potential conversion issue has been identified:

1.  Contact Support and reference this article. 
2.  Include examples (lookup IDs, screenshots) of problem records, and whether or not the problem has been duplicated with newly added records.
3.  This issue will be reviewed by our support and conversions teams in order to develop a fix for the converted records.


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