Duplicates Records are not showing on Duplicate Report

Confirmed duplicates are not showing up on the Duplicate Report.
Using the Duplicate Search option in the constituent record does not show duplicate record.
Duplicate records not showing in Duplicate Constituent Management Tool 
Constituents marked as deceased or inactive not showing in Duplicate Constituent Management Tool 

Contact Support and reference this article. 

Constituents marked as Inactive or Deceased will not show up in the Duplicate Report unless "Inactive constituents" and "Deceased constituents" are both checked in the "Include the following in the duplicate results" box.

To do this:

  1. Go to ADMIN and click on the Duplicate Constituent Management Tool.
  2. Run a new search.
  3. When the report opens click on Tools > Settings.
  4. Check the Inactive constituents and Deceased constituents boxes.
  5. Click OK to close.
  6. The report will now be showing Inactive and Deceased duplicates.  


 7.92.5508.4 ; The Raiser's Edge Version: 7.93.5782.2

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